Crypstory [CryptoAsset are bettet investment than old school see or touch

Bitcoin 0201 Monday –  day chart forms a long upper shadow – bull inverted candlestick patterns, is a bull signal. Off manual seems like last night gathering like creating space for BTC to move up higher to somewhere near $36621 if no fundamental influence.

Weekly remain the same, with last week long upper tail – inverted candestick patterns. Still sign of more space to move towards $37725 level.


Bitcoin Consolidates While Ethereum and Altcoins Eye Additional Gains, according to

Bitcoin price is consolidating above the USD 33,000 and USD 32,200 support levels. On the upside, BTC is facing a strong resistance near the USD 34,500 and USD 35,000 levels. It is currently (05:00 UTC) showing positive signs, but it must settle above USD 35,000 for a steady increase.

Conversely, most major altcoins are slowly gaining bullish momentum. ETH/USD cleared the USD 1,350 resistance and it seems like the bulls are aiming for more gains above USD 1,400 and USD 1,420. On the other hand, XRP/USD failed to stay in the bullish territory and it declined below USD 0.400.


Crypstory Today

Digital art project sells out $10M in NFTs in four days, according to

Early adopters have scooped up over 15,300 Hashmask NFTs as one “card” has gone on sale for 97 ETH. (………..)


CryptoAsset are a better investment than old school see, touch or feel uses – Mark Cuban

The entrepreneur says that old-school investors are getting their “ass kicked” by the “Store of Value Generation.”

Entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has weighed in on the recent clash between Wall Street and the r/Wallstreetbets Reddit community.

In a Jan. 31 blog post, Cuban suggested that the old-school investment community is currently taking a kicking from what he describes as the “Store of Value Generation.”

These millennials have developed a greater understanding of the value of digital assets, having been brought up in a world where music was more often shared as a digital file than a physical object.

Blockchain technology, nonfungible tokens and smart contracts now allow any asset which can be represented digitally to act as a store of value, with provable scarcity and without many of the downsides of physical collectibles:

“This generation knows that a smart contract and the digital good it reflects or a CryptoAsset are a better investment than old school see, touch or feel uses.”

Cuban goes on to point out that a stock is just another digital store of value, and that the new generation has simply found and taken advantage of the inefficiencies in the legacy stock market system. (……….)


I think Bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance – Elon Musk

Bitcoin is about to see broader adoption in the traditional finance world, says the world’s richest man.

Bitcoin (BTC) is on the verge of seeing broader acceptance, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said in a Clubhouse conversation on Feb. 1.

Clubhouse is an exclusive audio chat social media platform that is invite-only. Members can join various conversations, akin to an online private conference.

During the conversation with Andressen Horowitz and other prominent investors, Musk was asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin.

On Jan. 29, Musk put the word “Bitcoin” in his Twitter bio, causing the price of BTC to rally by more than 14% in 30 minutes.

After the occurrence, Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts were highly anticipating positive comments about crypto, in general, from Musk.

When asked about Bitcoin, Musk said according to industry executives who were able to listen to the chat:

“I do think Bitcoin is a good thing. I’m a supporter of Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance.” (…………)


Crypstory today

Crypto YiGuiMen #cryptory (2021) is wear-my-story base on certain positive and wary statement from blockchain, crypto community and other financial firm spokesman statement. It motivates the Cryptocurrency asset Hodler to wear on a piece to create awarness of the intrinsic value of the assets to the public and create more involvement to the public and to the world.

The purpose of it is that more people are into wearmystory or other motivational stories and hardly sees public would wear crypto story on the street. Either the Altcoin symbol is too huge or simply funny when put on.

We want to make some different and hopefully will create more to keep the expensive meaning and intrinsic value of the assets for the wearer.At Crypto YiGuiMen our quality product are made and deliver from the US and in the Europe region to worldwide nations.

We use Alstyle – Giland Brand for our TShirt and print through DTG Print Transfer.

Please leave a comment if there should be any question for the above.

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